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This SURPRISE Google Pixel 4a deal is still going strong

Alan Martin
1 Dec 2021

Grab this massive late Cyber Monday discount on the Pixel 4a before it’s too late

Despite being over a year old, the Google Pixel 4a is one of the best budget handsets you can buy in the UK. That’s partly because we weren’t treated to the Pixel 5a on this side of the Atlantic, of course, but even if we were, the Pixel 4a would still be a decent choice for those looking to save a few quid.

And that’s exactly what you can do via Argos' eBay page: you can buy the Pixel 4a SIM-free for just £249, which is a £100 saving on its original RRP. We initially spotted this corker of a deal at Currys over Black Friday, but it sold out fast, and so it came as something of a surprise to find the same great discount at eBay. 

Buy now from eBay

The Pixel 4a is officially discontinued. But Google tends to be pretty good at supporting its old phones, and the handset is guaranteed security updates until August 2023. It’s also eligible for the Android 12 Beta – and given the Pixel 3a also is, there’s a decent chance it will also be eligible for Android 13 when it’s released next year, too.

So why is the Pixel 4a still worth the money? I always feel that Pixel phones are greater than the sum of their parts and just feel pleasant to use. That’s partly down to the fact that Google makes both the hardware and the software – it’s a very clean installation of Android – but it’s also down to the company’s best-in-class photography.

The Pixel 4a uses the same 12MP lens as found on last year’s Pixel 5, and the results are excellent: far better than you can expect in a handset at this price point, that’s for sure.

“If you’re after a compact phone that won’t make too much of a bulge in your pocket, then it’s definitely the phone for you,” wrote our senior editor Nathan Spendelow in his review. “Although it isn’t as fast as the Apple iPhone SE (2020), it is a better all-rounder, with a bigger screen, superior portrait photography and far superior battery life.”

Given said iPhone will still set you back £389, the Pixel 4a is a great value alternative while stocks last as its tempting new price.

Buy now from eBay