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Sky Broadband (2022) review: A strong all-rounder

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While it’s still most associated with its premium TV services, Sky has made a great success of spreading out into other areas. It’s now one of the biggest names in broadband alongside BT and Virgin Media and one of the top choices if you’re looking for a triple-play broadband, phone and TV bundle. Generally speaking, the more Sky services you combine, the better value they become, but there are still some good reasons to go with Sky for your broadband even if you’re not a Sky TV subscriber.

In 2022, Sky hasn’t come away with any of our Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards but it gets a Highly Commended for reliability and respectable results for speed and customer service. What’s more, Sky continues to do well in Ofcom’s research for customer service and satisfaction, with fewer complaints per 100,000 users than any other big ISP except EE.

Sky’s Broadband options keep things simple, with two FTTC-based fibre services (fibre to the cabinet) and three ultra-fast FTTP (fibre to the premises) fibre plans. The only thing to watch out for is that, while prices for new users can be very, very tempting, Sky’s packages get a lot more expensive once you’re through the initial 18 months, rising by £5 to £10 per month on the Superfast packages and £8 per month for the Ultrafast services. Sky is far from alone in this practice but make sure you review your plan and shop around as the contract nears its end.

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Sky Broadband review: Superfast 35

Sky still offers ADSL services to some existing customers but Superfast 35 is effectively its new entry-level plan. For £25 per month you get 36Mbits/sec average download speeds with a 9Mbits/sec average upload speed, although you need to budget £20 for the setup fee. Sky bundles in its Broadband Shield security features and Safe Search filters and its newest Broadband Hub. It’s a dual-band Wi-Fi 5 effort with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight antennae, smart channel selection and support for up to 64 devices. It’s not bang up to date but it’s an improvement on most ISP-provided routers.

Sky also offers its standard Superfast package, with average speeds of 59Mbits/sec and 16Mbits/sec. However, you might not see this widely advertised at present, as Sky is promoting its Ultrafast services instead.

For £5 extra a month (on a minimum 18-month subscription) Sky customers can add Broadband Boost, which adds a number of benefits to your broadband subscription. Among these are the ability to book engineer visits in the evenings and at weekends for no extra charge, 2GB of extra data on your Sky Mobile contract if your broadband goes down, and you get access to Sky’s Buddy app, which lets you set time limits and pause access to the internet on children’s devices. It also guarantees a 3Mbits/sec Wi-Fi signal in every room of your home or they’ll give you money back on the Boost subscription.

Sky Broadband also includes the Sky Pay as You Talk phone service, although most packages are shifting to an Internet-based VoIP service rather than a traditional landline. If you need inclusive calls, you’ll have to pay an extra £5 to £14 per month for the Evenings & Weekends Extra, Anytime Extra or International Extra packages.

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Sky Broadband review: Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus

Sky Ultrafast is Sky’s basic FTTP plan, with average download speeds of 145Mbits/sec and upload speeds of 27Mbits/sec. Ultrafast Plus, meanwhile, increases those speeds to 500Mbits/sec and 60Mbits/sec.

Both services come with the same speed guarantees and security features as the basic Fibre services, not to mention the same Broadband Hub. What’s more, they can still opt for Broadband Boost to get guaranteed Wi-Fi in every room.

Sky Broadband review: Sky Gigafast

If 500Mbits/sec isn’t fast enough, Sky has now followed BT, EE and Vodafone into 900Mbits/sec services with Sky Gigafast. As you’d expect, this has average download speeds of 900Mbits/sec and upload speeds of 90Mbits/sec, guaranteed by Sky’s usual Speed Guarantee where, should your connection fall below the minimum speed, you can claim your month’s subscription charge back. What makes this plan all the more enticing is that, at £55 per month on an 18-month contract, it’s slightly cheaper than BT and Vodafone's equivalents, although EE is slightly cheaper still.

Sky Broadband Packages and Prices

Essential PlusSuperfast 35SuperfastUltrafastUltrafast PlusGigafast
Price per month (inc line rental£30.00£25.00£30.50£32.00£42.00£55.00
Upfront cost£19.951£9.95£19.95£19.95£19.95£19.95
Average speed11Mbits/sec35Mbits/sec59Mbits/sec145Mbits/sec500Mbits/sec900Mbits/sec
Usage allowanceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Contract length18 Months18 Months18 Months18 Months18 Months18 months

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Sky Broadband review: Coverage

As with nearly all UK ISPs, Sky relies on Openreach for its fibre network, so if you can get an Openreach fibre connection then you can get one from Sky as well. That currently puts around 93% of the UK population in reach of Sky’s Superfast fibre services. Ultrafast and Gigafast services now rely mostly on full-fibre FTTP services, which currently cover around six-million homes. However, Openreach hopes to connect up to 25 million homes via FTTP by December 2026. You can check when your area is going to get full fibre on the Openreach website.

Sky Broadband review: Performance and customer satisfaction

Ofcom’s most recent published performance figures only cover the Superfast option, giving Sky mean 24hr download speeds of 52.6Mbits/sec, where Plusnet, EE and BT deliver reported speeds of around 59Mbit/sec for their equivalent 67Mbits/sec packages. That said, our research shows Sky customers are mostly happy with their connection speeds. In fact, more Sky customers (66%) were satisfied with their speeds than those of EE (63%) or Plusnet (61%).

Sky also scored well for reliability. Some 75% of customers were either quite or very satisfied, winning Sky a Highly Commended here in our 2022 Best broadband awards. What’s more, its Customer Service and Value for Money scores are higher than BT's. Crucially, Sky had more customers than BT, EE, TalkTalk or Virgin Media who said they were likely to recommend it to a friend.

Ofcom’s most recent research paints a similar picture. Sky’s result for overall satisfaction with the service is bang on the 80% average and it has one of the lowest figures (24%) for customers with a reason to complain. Its score for satisfaction with complaint handling is the best of any major ISP, and it has fewer complaints per 100,000 subscribers than any other major provider bar EE.

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Sky Broadband review: Verdict

With competitive pricing and customer service that’s above the average, Sky is a good alternative to Plusnet, particularly if you need higher speeds than Plusnet currently provides. And while it doesn’t reach the highest speeds delivered by Virgin Media, EE or BT, the low prices, high reliability and good service all stand in its favour. If you’re in the market for a new fibre package, Sky is definitely worth a look.

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