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Brook + Wilde Lux mattress review (medium firmness): Now 45% off

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Price when reviewed 
inc VAT (king size)

Brook and Wilde’s Lux mattress is competitively priced and you can choose different levels of firmness

Not too warm
Choice of firmness
Cover isn't washable
Still not as cheap as Otty

Save 45% on the Brook + Wilde Lux

Brook + Wilde's current sale affords you 45% off any order over £500, which includes all sizes of the Lux mattress. A king size, for instance, would normally cost £999, but this discount brings it down to just £549.
Brook + Wilde
Save 45%

Brook and Wilde is a relative newcomer to the bed-in-a-box scene and offers two mattresses: the Lux and the Elite. Both are hybrid mattresses that consist of foam and pocket springs, much like the hybrid models from Otty, Eve and Casper.

Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress review: What you need to know

Both the Lux and the Elite are made in the UK and, as with most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Lux comes with a tempting 100-night trial, so if you’re not happy with the bed you can send it back for a full refund. The catch is that you have to use a mattress protector.

The Lux is available in several different sizes, from single right the way up to super king but they’re all built in the same way, with layers of foam and springs as you’d expect of a hybrid mattress.

Where this mattress stands out from the competition, however, is that you can order it in different levels of firmness.

Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress review: Price and competition

Prices for the Brook and Wilde Lux mattress start at £549 for a single and move up for £749 for a double and £849 for a king. This pricing is identical to rival the Simba Hybrid mattress, which starts at £549.

It's a fair bit cheaper than one of the priciest hybrid's we've tested, the Simba Hybrid Pro, which comes in at £850 for a single mattress and rises to £1,050 and £1,200 for a double and king, but the Lux doesn't come with the same wool top layer. At the other end of the spectrum, the Otty Hybrid costs £375 for a single, £600 for a double or £700 for a king but you can;t choose your firmness.

All of the above come with a 100-night free trial.

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Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress review: Features

Like many boxed mattresses, there’s a breathable top cover, designed to improve airflow. Unlike others in this price range, however, you can’t remove and wash the cover.

The top layer is 55mm of breathable memory foam. Below this are 2,000 20mm mini pocket springs. Another 35mm of dense ‘wave foam’ comes next, which is thicker in certain areas to give you additional neck and shoulder support. This sits above 1,000 130mm full-sized pocket springs and a final layer 48mm of support foam.

In total, the Lux mattress is 280mm deep, making it one of the deepest boxed mattresses we’ve reviewed. For comparison, the Otty Hybrid, which has four layers, is 250mm deep, while the Simba Hybrid is also 250mm deep but has five layers. Although more depth doesn’t necessarily equate to a better night’s sleep, we’ve found thicker mattresses typically deliver more support when used on sprung slatted beds than thin models.

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The foam used in the Lux is CertiPur certified, which means it contains no ozone depleters, TDCPP, mercury or lead. It’s suitable for those weighing up to 120kg (per person) and can be used with any type of bed frame. If using it on a slatted bed frame, however, the company suggests the slats are no less than 60mm in width and no more than 100mm apart for optimal comfort levels.

The biggest benefit of going with Brook and Wilde, however, is that you can choose the firmness of your mattress: soft, medium or firm. Most bed-in-a-box companies don’t do this, instead opting for a one-firmness-fits-all approach. In this regard, the Lux has a clear advantage over the likes of Simba and Otty if you already know what type of mattress you like.

Moreover, if you’re not happy with the firmness you originally picked, you can swap it for another firmness level within the 100-night free trial. You can only do this once, however, and you lose the option to return the mattress for a full refund when you swap mattresses.

As with most layered mattresses, the Lux doesn’t need to be flipped but it still comes with handles for when you need to move it. Brook and Wilde also warns against turning the mattress due to the design of the layers.

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Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress review: Comfort and performance

After unrolling the Lux and leaving it to rise for around four to five hours, it’s ready to sleep on. As with most memory foam products, you will notice a strong chemical smell for the first few days but this did dissipate with time. I chose a medium-firmness mattress for testing, although it was immediately clear that the mattress was on the firmer side of medium.

Naturally, the type of bed frame you use and your weight will alter how the mattress feels underneath you – heavier sleepers will find it softer than I did – but if you prefer to sink into your mattress, you may be better off choosing the soft model.

I tend to get very warm during the night but found that the Lux stayed relatively cool even with another person in the bed, despite its foam top layer. It’s still hotter than I’d prefer but no worse than most other bed-in-a-box mattresses. If you get very warm at night, the best advice is always to avoid foam altogether and opt for a mattress with natural fillings such as the John Lewis Natural Collection pocket sprung mattress.

While the foam did soften a little as it warmed up, there was no point where the mattress felt unsupportive. This mattress also has great edge support, so you don’t feel like you’re going to roll off when you get close to the edge.

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Brook + Wilde Lux Mattress review: Verdict

If you prefer to feel like your mattress is lifting you up rather than letting you sink right in, the Lux is a great choice. Even if the medium model isn’t right for you, there are two other options to choose from, something that we’ve not seen in other boxed mattresses until now.

There are cheaper options available, including the Otty Hybrid, but the Lux is competitively priced and is worthy of consideration if you’re looking to buy a bed-in-a-box type mattress. Our only frustration is not being able to wash the cover; otherwise there’s plenty to like about this newcomer.

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