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Best oven 2022: The best built-in ovens from £369

Derek Adams
4 Apr 2022

Learn how to choose the right built-in oven and freestanding cooker with our bite-sized reviews and handy buying guide

If you’re looking for a swish integrated oven that blends in with your kitchen cabinets, this is the page for you. We’ve selected a tranche of highly rated built-in models that make roasting, baking and grilling an absolute pleasure.

However, not all kitchen layouts have the space for a separate oven and hob, so if you have a country-style kitchen and are more interested in a range cooker (a wide freestanding oven and hob) or its narrower 60cm “cooker” sibling, head over to our dedicated range cooker guide.

Best oven: At a glance

How to choose the best built-in oven or freestanding cooker for you

Tips for buying a built-in oven

If your kitchen cabinets have been installed by a professional fitter, consider a built-in oven – and choose an induction hob or gas hob to match. Built-in ovens have become hugely popular and are now de rigueur in any premium-priced household.

Bear in mind, though, that built-in ovens require wooden framework or an oven housing unit, which means employing a carpenter at extra cost (this isn’t much of an issue if you’re about to commission the build of a new kitchen).

Also consider the electricity load of your model of choice, as you don’t want to find out after purchasing that you need a new oven ring main installed at great expense.

What’s the best type of oven? Electric or gas?

This is often a case of personal preference. Most gas ovens don’t have a convection fan so they won’t cook as evenly or quickly as their electric counterparts. Most modern electric ovens have fan assistance, which improves cooking efficiency. Indeed, you could theoretically cook savoury and sweet dishes at the same time without intermingling flavours. Another bonus with fan ovens is that they can cook at lower temperatures, saving energy in the process.

When it comes to baking, the jury is out. Gas ovens heat up more quickly and produce moisture during the cooking process, while electric ovens take longer to reach temperature and emit a much dryer heat. Some bakers swear by gas because their breads and cakes come out moist and without dried-out crusts. Conversely, just as many bakers say they prefer electric because it browns breads and cakes more appealingly.

The general consensus, though, is that electric ovens are easier to use, more efficient and quicker – even if they are a mite more expensive to run.

The best built-in ovens you can buy in 2022

1. Neff B57CR22N0B with Slide&Hide: The best built-in oven for bakers

Price: £936 | Buy now from B&Q

Not for nothing is Neff the brand of choice among most high-end property developers. After all, its attention to detail, technical design know-how and use of quality materials is second to none.

This grandiose black and brushed aluminium model is equipped with Neff’s renowned Slide&Hide door. You may have seen this mechanism in operation during The Great British Bake Off. Instead of the open door getting in the way and forcing you to crane over the oven, in this model it cleverly slides back into a recess at the bottom of the oven, leaving completely free access to its contents.

The oven has a capacious 71-litre capacity and features Neff’s patented multi-level CircoTherm technology, which lets you cook a variety of ingredients at the same time, with no transfer of flavours. Yes, you can apparently cook a fish while baking a cake without the end result tasting like, er, fish cake. Aside from CircoTherm, the oven’s heat distribution can also be customised specifically for items such as pastries and pizza. The grill section, meanwhile, provides hot air grilling, plus centre and full surface operation.

When it’s time for a clean-up, simply engage the pyrolytic function and it will reduce all grease and fats to a powder consistency which you simply suck away with a vacuum cleaner.

Despite the high price and obvious installation requirements, this oven delivers in spades. It bakes and roasts like a Trojan, is really simple to use and it’s an absolute doddle to keep clean.

Key specs – Width: 59.6cm; How many ovens: 1; Main oven capacity: 71l; Fan assisted: Yes; Grill: Yes; Timer: Yes; Energy rating: A+

Buy now from B&Q

2. AEG BPE842720M: The best oven for novice cooks

Price: £799 | Buy now from AO

This clever oven comes with a built-in sensor probe to raise your cooking standards to a new level. For example, if roasting beef, simply stick the probe into the joint, select a suitable temperature (45˚ for rare, 60˚ for medium) or use the recipe assist function. As soon as the meat reaches its predetermined core temperature, the oven simply turns off.

The 71-litre AEG also comes with SteamCrisp technology that uses a mix of hot air and steam to create a perfect balance of a crispy skin and moist centre when roasting poultry. According to the positive user reviews, the AEG’s touch interface and LCD display are also easy to get a handle on. And when it’s time for a clean up, a quick tap of the pyrolytic function button reduces food and grease residues to ash, ready to be swept out with a dustpan and brush.

You’re paying a few hundred quid more for an oven of this calibre, but what price can you put on peace of mind – especially when cooking for guests?

Key specs – Width: 59.5cm; Number of ovens: 1; Grill: Yes; Timer: Yes; Main oven capacity: 71l; Fan assisted: Yes; Energy rating: A+

Buy now from AO

3. Hisense BID95211XUK: The best budget double oven

Price: £379 | Buy now from Currys

A double oven makes life so much easier when you’re juggling multiple dishes at once – and it’s indispensable for big family roast dinners and batch baking. Hisense’s affordable BID95211XUK proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune, either.

The main fan oven has an ample 72-litre capacity and provides fast and even heat. The top 38-litre oven works as a conventional oven as well as a convenient eye-level grill so you can keep a careful watch over whatever you’re browning.

The simple dial controls are coupled with a touchscreen to operate the timer. Given the budget-friendly price you don’t get treated to extra features such as automatic cooking or catalytic oven liners for easier cleaning. But getting a decent double oven for under £400 is a treat in itself.

Users applaud this Hisense oven for ease of use and fast heat-up times, but many would prefer extra shelves and a more traditional grill pan with a handle.

Key specs – Width: 59.5cm; How many ovens: 2; Main oven capacity: 72l; Fan assisted: Yes; Grill: Yes; Timer: Yes; Energy rating: A

Buy now from Currys

4. Smeg SF6341GVX Classic Built-In Single Gas Oven: The best built-in oven for gas aficionados

Price: £555 | Buy now from AO

If you prefer cooking with gas, consider this elegant stainless steel model from Smeg. Just 60cm wide, its proportions are ideal for a modest-sized kitchen. At 60 litres, it’s fanned cavity is about ten litres less than the average built-in oven, but that’s still plenty of space for most users’ needs.

The Smeg boasts eight cooking functions (including closed-door electric grilling and a rotisserie) and comes equipped with an easy-to-use control panel and attractive Eclipse glass that appears black when the oven’s off and transparent when it’s on.

Most users rate the Smeg highly for its short heating-up time and general cooking efficiency. They also like the fact that it doesn’t require a special electricity ring main – just attach it to the gas supply and plug it into the nearest 13A socket. Conversely, at least one user has stated that its temperature controls aren’t terribly accurate, which is a common anomaly with many gas ovens.

Key specs – Style: Built-in oven; Width: 60cm; Number of ovens: 1; Main oven capacity: 60l; Fan assisted: Yes; Grill: Yes; Energy rating: A

Buy now from AO

5. Miele H2265B: The best oven for temperature accuracy

Price: £689 | Buy now from AO

When it comes to high-quality home appliances, Miele is a brand with a well-deserved reputation. This A+ rated oven has a whopping 76 litres of roasting and baking space – it has five shelf levels for optimum food placement – and comes equipped with a wide selection of operating modes, including defrost, an energy-efficient gentle bake function for succulent roasts, an intensive bake option for pizza and quiche, a fan grill for crispy outers and moist inners, and a rapid heat setting for busy times.

Most ovens are usually a few degrees out of kilter, and this isn’t normally too much of a problem with the majority of foodstuffs. However, some desserts, such as the notoriously tricky soufflé, require pinpoint accuracy, and that’s where this oven excels. According to Miele, its cooking temperatures are accurate to within one degree, and it appears that its army of contented users agree. A top-quality oven at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Key specs – Style: Built-in oven; Width: 55.4cm; Number of ovens: 1; Main oven capacity: 76l; Grill: Yes; Timer: Yes; Fan assisted: Yes; Energy rating: A+

Buy now from AO

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