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Best cordless vacuum cleaner 2022: The 17 best stick vacuums from Dyson to Shark


Keep your house dust and dirt-free without the hassle with our selection of the best cordless vacuum cleaners

While nobody jumps to pick up the vacuum and start cleaning, cordless vacuum cleaners make the whole ordeal a little bit more bearable. They’re wonderfully handy for quick cleaning jobs and are able to handle most dirt spillages without you ever having to drag the cumbersome Henry out from under the stairs.

The problem is that there are so many brilliant handheld vacuum cleaners doing the rounds, making it tricky to pick out which is the best cordless vacuum for you. While most models look the same, however, not all are created equal. This is where we come to the rescue – we’ve rounded up the best handheld and cordless vacuum cleaners you can buy right now.

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best cordless vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022. Whether you’re tired of lugging a hefty cylinder vacuum around your home, or you just need something pint-sized to clean up after a messy pet/child/partner, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re not sure which cordless vacuum cleaner is best for you, check out our buying guide below. It answers all the key questions you might have before buying and explains the specifications and key features you need to look out for before you head to the checkout.

Best cordless vacuum: At a glance

How to choose the best cordless vacuum cleaner for you

What specifications should I pay attention to?

There are a handful of specifications to look at before you begin, of which the most crucial are weight, bin capacity and battery life.

Weight: It isn’t so much of an issue when you’re vacuuming the floor, but you’ll certainly notice a heavy model when you’re standing on a chair and cleaning a lampshade. The lightest models we’ve seen are around 1.3kg, while the heaviest can weigh more than 2kg – that may not sound like a big difference, but you’ll certainly notice the extra weight when you’re holding a handheld vacuum at arm’s length.

Bin capacity: This determines roughly how much dirt you can collect before you have to empty the vacuum. The models on this list range from tiny handhelds with 250ml capacities to larger uprights with up to 1.2l of bin space on offer. Even if a model has a small bin, however, it’s not a deal-breaker as long as the bin is quick and easy to empty.

Battery life: Or perhaps more accurately, battery power, determines roughly how much suction power a vacuum will have, as well as how long it will last on a single charge. The models on this list range in longevity from under ten minutes up to one hour, which is a pretty good cross-section of cordless vacuums more generally.

Keep in mind that handheld cordless vacuums won't last anywhere near as long as upright models. On the flip side, however, keep in mind that even a seemingly miserable eight-minute battery life will be enough to deal with a car interior or unexpected kitchen spillage.

What accessories and features are worth having?

Accessories: Keep an eye out for detachable hoses or pivoting nozzles for awkward spaces; crevice tools for sofa cushions and tight spots; and powered vacuum heads for stubborn carpets. There are other, more unusual accessories, but these are the most common.

Charging: Most of the models on this list will come with either a charging dock – many of which can be mounted to a wall – or a standard DC mains plug and cable. Some smaller models come with removable batteries or, in rare cases, a second power pack so you can switch batteries mid-clean and enjoy twice the longevity.

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The best cordless vacuum cleaners to buy

1. Dyson V7 Absolute: The best-value Dyson

Price: £299 l Buy now from John Lewis

Despite being superseded by a handful of new Dyson vacuums, the V7 Absolute remains the best-value cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. Offering similar levels of features as the more expensive Dyson V11 (listed below) the V7 now costs a fraction of the price, making it our top cordless pick.

The Dyson V7 is a superb, lightweight vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for small-sized flats with hard flooring, but it also does a tremendous job at cleaning thicker carpet areas in a pinch. In our testing, we found that it delivered 30 minutes of use on a single charge and can be neatly stored away in a cupboard thanks to the included wall mount. Likewise, the bin size is identical to the more expensive V11, at a generous 0.8 litres.

If you’re put off by the high prices of Dyson’s other cordless vacuum cleaners, and you don’t mind picking up something a little older, then the Dyson V7 provides 90% of the experience of the newer models for a third of the price.

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 250 x 210 x 1,243mm; Weight: 2.3kg; Bin capacity: 800ml; Vacuum type: Cordless stick; Bagless: Yes; Stated suction power (AW): 100

Buy now from John Lewis

2. Dyson V11 Outsize: The most powerful Dyson of all

Price: £670 | Buy now from Amazon

The Dyson V11 Outsize aims to bridge the gap between cordless convenience and the cleaning efficiency of an upright. Its cleaning head is 25% larger than the other V11 cordless models, which lets you cover more carpet in less time. It cleans for longer, too, with a 1.7-litre collection bin and a battery that lasted 1hr 19mins when we tested it on its Economy setting.

Apart from its size, the design is similar to Dyson’s other models and it performed similarly well in our tests. The suction power is just as strong as the smaller V11, and it collected 95% of everything we attempted to clean with it on a single pass.

The only downside is that, along with the increase in size, there’s also a significant increase in weight: 3.5kg is a lot of vacuum cleaner to lug around.

Read our full Dyson V11 Outsize review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 261 x 320 x 1,286mm; Weight: 3.5kg; Bin capacity: 1.7l; Vacuum type: Cordless stick; Bagless: Yes; Suction power: 220AW

3. Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: The best cordless vacuum

Price: £600 | Buy now from Argos

If you want the very best cordless vacuum cleaner you have to look to Dyson’s latest, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. This takes the brilliant form factor of Dyson’s previous models, beefs up the suction without compromising battery life and introduces a raft of new features to help you clean.

For those with hard floors, the Slim Fluffy motorised head now comes with a laser that shines out at the front, illuminating tiny dust particles. This helps you spot places that need a clean and provides reassurance that a quick pass with the V15 has done its work. The other motorised heads in the box have anti-tangle rollers.

The most important thing is the cleaning ability of the device, though, and the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute happily powered through our tests with ease. It isn’t cheap but, if you can afford it, it’s easily the best.

Read our full Dyson V15 Detect Absolute review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 250 x 252 x 1,264mm; Weight: 3kg; Bin capacity: 0.76l; Runtime: 60 minutes; Warranty: 2 years RTB

Buy now from Argos

4. Shark IZ300UKT: The best Dyson alternative

Price: £429 | Buy now from Amazon

Shark’s cordless vacuum cleaners have an array of features that its rivals don’t have. One of the best is its DuoClean floor head, which incorporates both a fluffy roller and a brush bar into a single unit. This means you don't have to switch floor heads when you move from carpet to hard floor, which saves both time and hassle.

The IZ300 range uses its new PowerFins technology on the brush bar: these stiff fabric fins work alongside the usual brushes to agitate your carpet more vigorously. In our tests, we saw this help the vacuum perform as thorough a job on our controlled spills of cereal and flour as we’ve seen from any cordless vacuum, including more expensive models.

Read our full Shark IZ300UKT review for more details

Key specs – Size: 260 x 245 x 1,180mm (WDH); Weight: 4.58kg; Bin capacity: 0.7l; Vacuum type: Cordless stick; Bagless: Yes; Vacuum power: 309W

5. Dyson Omni-glide: The best cordless vacuum cleaner for hard floor

Price: £350 | Buy now from Dyson

Where most of Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners follow a familiar design, the Omni-glide is something different. With a tiny bin and low suction power, the specification doesn’t look that great, but by introducing an incredible new type of motorised floor head, Dyson has created a cordless vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for small flats with hard floor throughout.

The cleaning action has to be experienced to be believed. The vacuum glides around your floor like a hovercraft, with a unique joint between the handle and the floor head that lets you spin and rotate the vacuum into the tightest places.

It’s not kitted out to cover much more carpet than the occasional small rug (using the supplied small carpet head), but if that suits your lifestyle the Omni-glide is an excellent vacuum that’s very good at its specialist subject.

Read our full Dyson Omni-glide review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 206 x 91 x 1,077mm; Weight: 1.9kg; Bin capacity: 0.2l; Runtime: 20 minutes; Warranty: 2 years RTB

Buy now from Dyson

6. Bissell Multireach Active 21V: A great all-round cordless vacuum cleaner

Price: £175 | Buy now from Argos

A solid mid-range cordless vacuum with a good balance of features and accessories for the price, Bissell’s Multireach Active is a good choice if you don’t mind cutting out a few bells and whistles to suit a more modest budget. A 2-in-1 vacuum, the Multireach can operate as a standard stick vacuum, using the motorised head and included extension pole, as well as transforming into a handheld by removing the extension. The two power modes – high and low – are designed to be used on carpet and hard floors respectively, and can be easily switched between with the conveniently placed control buttons.

At 0.5l, the collection bin is fairly small when compared to others on this list, so will need to be emptied quite regularly (and that process itself can be pretty fiddly), but for the price, these small gripes are easy to forgive. It may not have all the functionality of a Dyson, but the Multireach is still a well-balanced and reasonably priced cordless vacuum.

Read our full Bissell Multireach Active 21V review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 270 x 240 x 1,194mm; Weight: 3.6kg; Bin capacity: 0.5l; Battery power: 21V; Runtime: 30 minutes; Warranty: 2 years

Buy now from Argos

7. Vax Blade 4 Pet & Car: Best value cordless stick for tackling pet hair

Price: £299 | Buy now from Amazon

Anyone with a furry friend in their lives will understand how important it is to have a vacuum cleaner that isn’t just good at extracting hair off the floor, but that can tackle furniture and car interiors, too. The Vax Blade 4 Pet & Car has a laser-focus on such people, with exactly the right attachments included for the job.

Key amongst these is the flexible hose extension, often left off the list of accessories in cordless models. This helps the Blade 4 access tricky areas in cars and household furnishings that a rigid handheld unit might struggle to reach. It also comes with a mini motorised head tool, which uses a spinning roller brush to agitate the hair off soft furnishings, just like the main floor head does on carpet.

Even if you don’t have pets, the mini motorised tool is great for cleaning stairs, although you can also get the standard Blade 4 without these extras for less money.

Read our full Vax Blade 4 Pet & Car review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 240 x 185 x 1,140mm; Weight: 3.1kg; Bin capacity: 0.6l; Runtime: 45 minutes; Warranty: 3yrs

8. Vax Blade 3: The best sub-£200 cordless vacuum cleaner

Price: £159 | Buy from Argos

There aren’t that many cordless stick vacuum cleaners around for less than £200, but the Vax Blade 3 bucks the trend without compromising on cleaning; it does a remarkably good job of clearing spills from hard floors and carpets.

Launched at the same time as the Vax Blade 4, the Blade 3’s motor isn’t quite as powerful but it proved just as capable in our tests. You might occasionally find some mess or other that the Blade 3 can’t clear quickly, where a more expensive model might cope better, but those instances should be few and far between.

It isn’t perfect, the main drawback being that it’s heavier and less manoeuvrable than some of our favourite models. However, if you want good cleaning for less money, the Vax Blade 3 is well worth considering.

Read our full Vax Blade 3 review for full details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 240 x 185 x 1,140mm; Weight: 3kg; Bin capacity: 600ml; Battery power: 18V; Runtime: 40 minutes; Warranty: 3 years

9. Dyson Micro 1.5kg: Dyson’s lightest vacuum cleaner

Price: £300 | Buy now from Argos

Dyson has a broad range of cordless vacuums to choose from but, if you’re looking for something small and compact, the Dyson Micro 1.5kg lives up to its name. The vacuum can operate in either handheld or hard-floor modes and weighs 1.5kg at its heaviest, which is when it has its soft roller motorised floor head and extension pole attached. In handheld mode, with one of the other attachments clipped straight into the vacuum cleaner, it weighs less than a kilogram.

Unfortunately, this is not a vacuum that’s designed to tackle large carpeted areas but, if you’re mostly cleaning a modest area of hard floor, you can expect it to clean as well as Dyson’s more expensive models. Because of its smaller size, however, you’ll need to empty its 200ml collection bin and recharge its battery a little more often than you might with a larger model.

Read our full Dyson Micro 1.5kg review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 207 x 220 x 1,200mm; Weight: 1.5kg; Bin capacity: 200ml; Vacuum type: Cordless stick; Bagless: Yes; Stated suction power (AW): 50

Buy now from Argos

10. AEG QX9: The best cordless stick/handheld hybrid

Price: £324 | Buy now from Amazon

The AEG QX9 is an unusual cordless stick vacuum: instead of a stick with the motor at the handle and a motor head attached to the bottom, it's made up of an alloy frame with a space in the middle where the vacuum resides. This part can be removed to be used for small jobs such as the stairs or the inside of your car and replaced when you simply need to vacuum your carpets.

In stick form, the AEG QX9 is easy to manoeuvre, has great battery life and cleans well. It can't quite match the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market for cleaning power but it did well in our tests, and it also comes with anti-hair wrap tech so you don't need to get your hands dirty removing tangles.

Read our full AEG QX9 review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 256 x 132 x 1,102mm; Weight: 2.8kg; Bin capacity: 0.3l; Vacuum type: Cordless stick/handheld; Bagless: Yes; Suction power: 30W

11. Shark ICZ300UKT: The best cordless upright

Price: £430 | Buy now from Amazon

Anyone looking for something with a bit more power than a cordless stick should seriously consider the Shark ICZ300UKT. It has many of the benefits of a cordless stick but it’s heavier duty and configured for more serious work. Unlike most cordless vacuums, it can also stand up by itself, so you don’t have to keep finding somewhere to lay it down or prop it up.

Although it’s heavier than many cordless alternatives, all the weight is kept at the bottom, near Shark’s useful multi-surface DuoClean floor head, so it’s not cumbersome to push around. When required, the floor head can be disconnected and the body lifted away ready to tackle stairs, mattresses and upholstery or to reach dust and dirt in high up places.

Read our full Shark ICZ300UKT review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 260 x 250 x 1,080mm; Weight: 6.2kg; Bin capacity: 0.6l; Vacuum type: Cordless upright; Bagless: Yes

Buy now from Amazon

12. Gtech HyLite: The best lightweight cordless vac

Price: £130 | Buy now from Argos

The Gtech HyLite is the smallest and neatest vacuum cleaner we’ve ever seen. Take it apart into its separate pieces, and the HyLite is compact enough to fit in any drawer, or simply hang on a hook in your airing room, and it’s remarkably lightweight, too.

While it might be small, it’s actually rather powerful. Of course, there are a few compromises – it won’t clean your carpets as thoroughly as some of the high-powered and bulky vacuums on this list – but it’s more than capable of handling everyday cleaning duties, it’s remarkably power-efficient and it doesn’t cost much either. The Gtech Hylite is a solid choice if money is tight or if you don’t have much storage space in your house.

Read our full Gtech HyLite review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 280 x 180 x 1,090mm; Weight: 1.5kg; Bin capacity: 0.3l; Battery power: 14.4V; Runtime: 20 minutes; Warranty: 2 years RTB

Buy now from Argos

13. Shark Cordless Handheld: The best cordless handheld vacuum

Price: £100 (single battery) | Buy now from Argos

Shark’s first handheld vacuum is also among the very best on the market. This dinky handheld caters towards those hard-to-reach areas of your home or car, and it makes a fine replacement for your ancient dustpan and brush for cleaning small spills without any fuss.

It might be small, and it isn’t the cheapest handheld on this list, but this cordless vacuum is unmatched when it comes to sheer versatility. It’s a high-quality product, with a sleek, trim frame and a handy charging dock with space for a second battery, if you don’t mind spending a bit extra. It also managed to suck up almost anything we threw at it, and although a larger, more powerful vacuum might have done a better job, the Shark takes the top spot when it comes to space-saving and smaller cleaning jobs.

Read our full Shark Cordless Handheld review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 220 x 385 x 950mm; Weight: 1.3kg; Bin capacity: 0.25l; Runtime: 8 minutes; Warranty: 2 years RTB

Buy now from Argos

14. Roidmi Nano P1 Pro: The most stylish cordless handheld vacuum

Price: £119 | Buy now from Amazon

It might look more like a big can of deodorant than a cordless vacuum, but the Roidmi Nano P1 Pro is a big help for cleaning away small messes. Designed to stand upright on your shelves, Roidmi’s vacuum is lightweight and looks stylish enough to be left out in the open.

Charging is done via USB, and when powered up it has surprisingly strong suction for such a slimline device. We measured 10kPa in its standard mode, which boosts to 13.3kPa when switched to max. While it can’t rival a bigger cordless vacuum switched to full power, it definitely surpasses their most economical settings. And with a bin capacity of only 0.1 litres, it won’t be much good for big cleaning jobs, but for sucking up dust and crumbs - smartening your workplace or tidying your sofa – it’s hard to beat in terms of portability and convenience. We guarantee it will also look much nicer on your mantelpiece than a dustpan and brush.

Read our full Roidmi Nano P1 Pro review for more details

Key specs Dimensions (WDH): 87 x 86 x 283mm; Weight: 0.5kg; Bin capacity: 0.1l; Runtime: 24 minutes; Warranty: 5 years RTB

15. Dyson Cyclone V10: Another superb Dyson

Price: £350 | Buy now from Argos

The Dyson Cyclone V10 was once the king of cordless vacuum cleaners, but it was a noteworthy improvement over the V8 in almost every way and is still worth a recommendation today. It’s incredibly powerful – so much so that Dyson ceased development of new corded cleaners because of this vacuum – and we agree that the V10 is easily good enough to replace your old upright if you’re hoping to upgrade.

Considering how powerful it is, the Dyson V10 Cyclone has an excellent battery life of up to 60 minutes in the default mode, and 30 minutes in the more powerful “Max Boost” setting. The dust container is also 40% larger than the V8 (it’s now 0.76l) and while it isn’t as cheap as the Dyson V7 – the least expensive Dyson on this list – it’s still exceptional value if you’re hoping to keep your house spick and span.

Read our full Dyson Cyclone V10 review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 250 x 256 x 1,249mm; Weight: 2.68kg; Bin capacity: 0.76l; Runtime: 60 minutes; Warranty: 2 years RTB

Buy now from Argos

16. Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity: The best vacuum cleaner for bundled accessories

Price: £229 | Buy now from Eufy

A vacuum cleaner is more than just a sum of its parts, but the contents of the Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity’s box is particularly impressive. Chief among these is its second detachable battery, effectively doubling the length of time you’ve got before you hang the cleaner back in its wall mount and wait for it to recharge. It also comes with a good selection of add-ons that other cleaners only offer as optional extras, such as an extendable bendy tube for getting the crevice tool into difficult corners and a small motor-powered floorhead that’s ideal for stairs.

The vacuum also impresses with its lightness and manoeuvrability. It glides across carpet and hard floors alike, easily twisting around corners and under furniture. It has powerful suction but we did find that larger particles got stuck in the tube in our testing.

Read our full Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 220 x 260 x 1,250mm; Weight: 1.5kg; Bin capacity: 650ml; Battery power: 30V; Runtime: 40 minutes per battery (two supplied) ; Stated suction power (AW): 180; Warranty: 2 years

Buy now from Eufy

17. Roidmi X20: The best vacuum/mop hybrid

Price: £279 | Buy now from Amazon

Xiaomi’s household appliance division is back at it again, but this time it’s added a mop to its excellent lineup of well-priced vacuum cleaners. The Roidmi X20 may be its priciest vacuum yet, but its exquisite user-friendly design and long-lasting battery make it worthy of a recommendation, even if it can be a bit tricky to get hold of in the UK.

Likewise, the addition of the “Magic Mop Box” – which you attach to the brush head, mopping as you clean – adds another cleaning option that not many cordless cleaners can boast. Other than the price, our only complaint is the small bin capacity at 0.4l, which is quite a bit smaller than a lot of other cordless vacuums on the market. Regardless, so long as you don’t mind emptying the bin fairly often, the Roidmi X20 is a wonderfully versatile cleaner and well worth picking up if you don’t fancy paying Dyson prices.

Read our full Roidmi X20 review for more details

Key specs – Dimensions (WDH): 254 x 152 x 1,219mm; Weight: 2.6kg; Bin capacity: 0.4l; Battery power: 30V; Runtime: 12 minutes; Warranty: 2 years RTB

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