• Danielle Amato

    Before joining Expert Reviews in 2019, Danielle enjoyed a five-year-long career as a freelancer, writing for national magazines and websites including Woman’s Own and At Home magazine. Now, as the team’s Home & Lifestyle Writer, you'll mostly find her testing and reviewing kitchen appliances and, on occasion, food and drink. When she’s not wrestling with blenders and stand mixers, Danielle likes to spend her time making dumplings, listening to nineties grunge and developing unhealthy obsessions with gaming podcasts.

  • Stuart Andrews

    Stuart Andrews has been writing about technology and computing for over 25 years, and has written for nearly every major UK PC and tech outlet, including PC Pro and the Sunday Times. He still writes about PCs, laptops and enterprise computing, plus PC and console gaming, but he also likes to get his hands dirty with the latest gardening tools and chill out with his favourite movies. He loves to test things and will benchmark anything and everything that comes his way.

  • Jonathan Bray

    Head of Reviews

    Jon has been tinkering with tech since the days when 128KB was a lot of storage, and games took 20 minutes to load via tape cassette. He’s been smitten ever since, and having decided to forge a career in technology journalism, he’s now been testing, reviewing and dispensing balanced and objective advice for over 20 years. If it’s been released in that time and has some kind of processor, he’s probably tested it.

  • Tom Bruce

    Having joined Expert Reviews back in 2018, Tom Bruce has been on a quest to review increasingly larger products ever since. It began with smartphones, then it was laptops and now it’s the biggest of them all: TVs. A lifelong film obsessive, Tom enjoys his role as TV Editor immensely because it allows him to watch 4K HDR movies during the day and call it work.
    Prior to joining the Expert team, Tom was a manager at London’s finest independent movie house, the Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise. In his spare time, he ascends the plastic walls of climbing gyms and paints plastic Warhammer figurines.

  • Sherwin Coelho

    After seven years writing about technology for brands such as Computeractive and Make Use Of, Sherwin joined Expert Reviews in early 2019 to head up VPN and software coverage, soon branching out into reviewing a wide range of products including electric scooters. When not reviewing tech products or writing detailed how-to-watch guides for television and sporting events, he keeps a keen eye out for a great deal, managing most of the deals content on the website. He’s passionate about sports – mainly basketball, cricket and football – and loves playing tennis, as and when the temperamental British weather permits it, and FIFA, where he is a much better footballer than in real life.

  • Kat de Naoum

    Kat is a UK-based writer, editor and SEO specialist who splits her time between England and Greece. She has written for many publications including Mother & Baby, Parenting, Parents, InStyle, Real Simple, Grazia and Woman’s World, and, as an advocate for female empowerment, loves to write about women’s issues, parenting and helping fellow mothers feel supported. She has birthed one child, written two books, runs a writing agency for women writers and is doing a philosophy degree. An avid reader, Kat spends most of whatever (non-parenting) time is left reading and writing, and trying to spend more time in nature.

  • Will Georgiadis

    Will joined Expert Reviews in 2018 as a sub-editor after a stint at CeX, and he has been formatting, restructuring and tidying ever since. When he’s not removing erroneous hyphens or battling with HTML as Senior Sub-Editor, Will is our resident peripherals expert; from gaming mice to PC monitors, if it connects to a computer or games console, it’s in his wheelhouse. In his spare time, Will is an enthusiastic (albeit talentless) gamer, and he can also be found hacking tunefully at a string instrument of some variety or attempting a long-distance run.

  • Joanne Gould

    A freelance food, drink and lifestyle writer, Joanne has contributed to national publications and websites such as Grazia, MailOnline, The Independent and Natural Health over the past six years. From the most sustainable speciality coffee beans to the most quaffable Champagne and the perfect wine glass to swirl your Sancerre in, Joanne enjoys hunting out the best things to eat and drink from supermarkets, independents and the internet, and today Joanne tests food, drink and kitchenware for Expert Reviews: it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it etc. When she's not munching her way through her latest review project, Joanne likes to spend any spare time that two small children allow her wining and dining around the London bar and restaurant scene, with her latest fitness obsession and brisk walks on Hampstead Heath thrown in for balance.

  • Darien Graham-Smith

    A lifelong technology enthusiast, Darien is a regular contributor to both Expert Reviews and PC Pro magazine, specialising in wireless networking, internet security and other technical topics. He also contributes to and produces the weekly PC Pro podcast, and has made occasional appearances on BBC News and Open University programming. In his spare time he dabbles in audio production, and plays guitar, bass and drums with the enthusiasm of a committed amateur.

  • Alice Hamilton Beer

    Alice's two favourite things are interior decorating and telling people about interior decorating. As a freelance lifestyle writer, she’s never happier than when she's reviewing all things home and garden, from the latest sewing machines to state-of-the-art kitchen taps. When she's not digging a new veg patch or retiling her bathroom, she can usually be found bothering one of her many cats or wandering around the Scottish countryside.

  • Nick Harris-Fry

    Nick is a freelance journalist whose obsession with running gear and tech often sees him wearing two or three watches and swapping shoes mid-run. Nick has several marathons under his belt, with a PB of 2:29, and is always looking for the next big thing in fitness. Outside of Expert Reviews, Nick writes for fitness website Coach, and is a co-founder of The Run Testers YouTube channel.

  • Chris Haslam

    Chris Haslam is an experienced consumer journalist with over 15 years’ experience. As well as reviewing all manner of kit for Expert Reviews, he’s also Contributing Editor for Wired UK and writes for, amongst others, BBC Music, Stuff, Grand Designs, Ideal Home and Livingetc. He specialises in audio, smart home, sports and outdoors, and can go days without natural light but only hours without coffee.

  • Christian Hopewell

    After working as a freelance photographer, spending a near-decade on YouTube and having picked up a journalism degree somewhere along the way, Christian joined Expert Reviews in 2019. As our in-house Videographer and Photographer, he gets hands on with just about every product we review, producing original photography and video buying guides. A man of many hats, he also writes across a range of product categories and manages Expert Reviews’ social media channels. Outside of work, you’ll find him out walking or developing film in the darkroom.

  • Jane Hoskyn

    Jane has been a journalist for 30 years, starting out as a music and lifestyle writer, then working on staff as features editor for consumer tech magazines including Web User and Computeractive. She's now a freelancer, crafting online copy for small businesses and reviewing all sorts of products, from dating apps to bike racks. Her ideal non-work day would involve a long walk with her camera to a live music event with great lighting and a box to stand on.

  • Cathy Hudson

    Cathy has been a journalist since 2001, starting her career writing about mortgages and property. Before going freelance in 2018 she worked at Which? for 12 years, first as a money writer then as an editor in the money, home, tech and cars teams. Her final role as technology editor saw her getting to grips with smart home technology and covering the latest tech from Las Vegas. Publications she has written for as a freelancer include,, The i Paper, the London Evening Standard, Which? and Which? Computing. Her guilty pleasure is watching property programmes.

  • Catherine Hufton

    Catherine Hufton is a freelance writer and journalist and soon-to-be mother of two. In addition to reviewing the latest parenting equipment and essentials, she also writes a weekly parenting newsletter, The Freelance Parent, and contributes to a range of titles including ELLE, Grazia and the Telegraph. Outside of work, she has an obsession for floral dresses, beauty products and art. Her ideal day would be a great exhibition followed by a spot of shopping and dinner with her family.

  • Alan Martin

    Alan Martin is a freelance writer with more than a decade's worth of experience, mainly in the technology space. His main focus at Expert Reviews is ensuring that your next pick of phone or wearable is the right choice for you and represents the best possible value for money. In the past he's covered a broad range of games, dental apparel and pet accessories and, on one memorable occasion, had to strip off to retrieve a rogue drone from a lake – such is his dedication to reviews.

  • Sasha Muller

    After two decades at Dennis Publishing, there are few products that Sasha hasn't reviewed at some point. After many years wrangling with laptops, monitors, audio hardware and assorted tech, Sasha is now a fully paid-up coffee snob with more coffee machines and paraphernalia than he has room for. Never happier than when he’s tweaking an audio system to perfection, taste-testing espresso or making spreadsheets of washing machine testing, you'll routinely find him behind a growing pile of vinyl, cassettes and CDs, hunting for the finest jungle tunes known to man.


  • Edward Munn

    As Lifestyle & Fitness Editor, Ed has spent more than three years testing a variety of products including smartwatches, fitness trackers, headphones, mattresses and everything in between. His near-decade-long journalism career has included a stint on Web User, where he wrote tutorials and reviews on phone apps, PC software, browsers and all things Windows 10.

    Outside of work, his passions include photography, cycling, rugby and music. He also found a new love for hiking after walking the iconic Routeburn track in New Zealand in 2019.

  • Rachel Ogden

    Freelance journalist Rachel Ogden began her career writing about parenting before opting to specialise in interiors more than 14 years ago. It’s no surprise that you’ll always find her in the kitchen at parties as she reviews small appliances, homeware and more for Expert Reviews. Partial to strong coffee, soft furnishings and anything fluffy, when not testing and reviewing Rachel enjoys antiquing, running and afternoon teas with fizz.

  • Stuart Pritchard

    Stuart Pritchard has been a journalist and editor across numerous print and digital channels for over 20 years, working primarily in consumer tech, home & lifestyle, travel and business fields, forging an unlikely career of criss-crossing the world, looking at things and then writing about them. Freelance for the past ten years, if an objective yet firmly held opinion on something needs forming, he’s your man.

  • Andy Shaw

    Andy Shaw has been a professional reviewer for 30 years, starting his career critiquing PC games and rapidly expanding his horizons into all types of computer hardware and software. Since then he’s worked for a broad selection of print magazines and websites, as a writer and editor, both on staff and as a freelancer. Nowadays he applies his well-honed critical eye to reviewing a wide range of products, from vacuum cleaners to printers.

  • Lise Smith

    Lise is a freelance writer specialising in beauty, lifestyle, parenting and performing arts. Her dance reviews and features have appeared in online and print publications since 2007, and she was Youth Zone Editor at from 2014-15. Lise also managed two local news sites for Associated Northcliffe Digital's until the closure of the site in 2010. Following appearances in MacFormat, Tap! magazine, Computer Buyer, Den of Geek and PC Pro, Lise joined Expert Reviews in 2018.

  • Nathan Spendelow

    Since joining the Expert Reviews team in 2016, Nathan’s five-year tech journalism career has taken him from the dizzying heights of steam cleaner testing – as well as the occasional washing machine – to eventually becoming the website’s Senior Editor. In this position, Nathan has tested and reviewed hundreds of smartphones, but he also manages the daily Expert Reviews newsletter.
    Outside of work, Nathan enjoys explaining the differences between a macaron and a macaroon, and continues to dip into his life savings with his unhealthy Lego obsession.

  • Alun Taylor

    Over the past decade, Alun has written on a freelance basis for several publications on subjects ranging from mobile technology to audio kit and from electric cars to industrial heritage. He usually leans towards the Android and Linux side of any argument. Prior to becoming a technology writer, he worked for a major international record company – quite what either job has to do with his degree in Early Medieval History is a bit of a grey area. An adopted Mancunian, Alun divides his time between writing, loitering on the periphery of the music business and dealing with his deranged Norwegian Elkhound.

  • Gareth Thomas

    Following a year-long stint as an freelancer for Expert Reviews, Gareth joined the team as a Senior Staff Writer in September 2021 and has since tested enough bedding to supply a small army. When not writing reviews and best buys for a range of products from coffee grinders to digital pianos, he can usually be found making coffee or agonising over the perfect song for the team’s weekly Spotify playlist. As an avid jazz fan, Gareth also dabbles in music journalism, having written for publications such as Jazz Journal and Jazzwise.

  • Andy White

    Andy joined Expert Reviews as a Staff Writer in December 2019, bringing with him a wealth of experience gained as a football journalist, social media manager and website editor at The Non-League Paper. He’s passionate about music and has a penchant for rapping, so is in his element testing audio products. When not reviewing headphones or speakers you’ll either find him on the football pitch, immersing himself in challenging video games like Dark Souls or indulging in a bit of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

  • Stephen Withers

    Stephen Withers has been working as a freelance TV reviewer for more than ten years, and in that time has written for most of the major tech publications. As a lifelong film fan he’s embraced the evolution of display technology from Full HD to 4K, HDR and beyond. Stephen also runs a sideline as a professional video calibrator, allowing him to keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations, while ensuring people get the very best picture quality out of their new TVs and projectors.